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Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Why do we need credit bureau?

Credit bureau plays a very important role in the economy as they make it possible for consumers in Kenya to buy now and pay later on credit instead of saving the full amount before they can make a purchase.

#2. Why do you need my ID number?

Your ID number is your account number at the bureau. It is also used to verify that you are who you say you are so that we can keep your information safe as well as obtain the requested credit information from the credit bureau.

#3. What are the basics about credit?

It is more important than ever to know your credit standing. Businesses, ranging from insurance companies to some employers, now review consumer credit information as a routine part of their application processes.

#4. What is Credit?

Credit is the option extended to you by credit/service providers to enable you to purchase their products or services in a buy now, but pay over a certain time frame’ agreement. It means that you are given more time to pay your debt, while being able to enjoy the benefit of the purchase immediately.

#5. What is a credit report?

A credit report is information about your credit history payment behavior that is maintained by CRB. It contains information such as your name, address, employer and ID number – the details you give to credit grantors when completing a credit application form.

CRB also keeps details on your credit history such as your account history and history of paying habits, that is, whether you pay your accounts regularly and on time. A credit report does not contain any data such as race, religious beliefs, political affiliations or medical histories.

#6.What is a Clearance Certificate?

A clearance certificate is a document that proves that your credit status is good and that all your outstanding debts, if any, have been settled.